Dalhousie is known for its bracing climate, picturesque scenery and beautiful picnic spots. Named after Lord Dalhousie it was frequented during the British Raj by those who could not make it to Shimla during the summer months.

Like Dharamsala it also has a resident Tibetan population. Small shrines and the local colourful Tibetan markets make it worth one’s while to stop here for a few days.

What to see

  1. Bara Pathar (4 Km);
  2. Churches(I0 Km)-St. Andrew’s Church, St.Patrik’s Church, St. Francis’ Church and St. John’s Church ;
  3. Panjpulla;
  4. Satdhara;
  5. Subhash Baoli & Jandri Ghat;
  6. The Round (4.8 Km): - A walk around the Bakrota Hills offers a panoramic view of the mountain ranges and surrounding countryside.

Getting There

Air: The nearest airport is Dharamsala 143 Km, connected by Indian Airlines with Delhi. Amritsar is the other convenient airport, linked with Delhi.

Rail: The nearest railhead is Pathankot / Chakkibank 80 Km. Which is connected by rail with all major cities and towns in India.

Road: Motorable roads connect Dalhousie with Amritsar 188 Km, Chamba 56 Km, Chandigarh 352 Km, Delhi 563 Km, Dharamshala 143 Km, Jammu 188 Km, Manali 402 Km, Pathankot 80 Km and Shimla 445 Km.

General information

Area: 13 Sq.Km. Temperature: Summer - Max: 23.5 Deg.C Min: 15.5 Deg.C Winter - Max: 10.0 Deg.C Min: 1.0 Deg.C Rainfall: 150 Cm. Altitude: 2036 Mts Best Season: April to June and September to November. STD Code: 01899


Kalatope (8.5 Km): Kalatope (2440 mts), commands a beautiful view of the surrounding landscape. The Kalatope sanctuary has wildlife like the Barking deer, black bear, Kalij, etc.

Dainkund (10 Km): A towering and beautiful peak offering panoramic views.

Khajjiar (127 Km): An enchanting saucer shaped grassy meadow , 1.5 Km long and 1 km wide surrounded by dense forests of Devdars and with a small lake in the centre.

Chamba (56 Km): Known for it’s natural beauty and ancient temples.