Dungarpur has one of the finest palaces in Rajasthan, the 19th century Udai Bilas Palace, now converted into a heritage hotel. The palace is located on the shore of a peaceful lake, which attracts a large number of aquatic birds like pelicans and spoonbills.

Guests of the Udai Bilas can also visit the 13th century Juna Mahal, situated on a hill above the village. The walls of this palace are adorned with exquisite frescoes, miniatures, glass and mirror inlay work.

What to see

  1. UdaiBilas Palace: In the cast of this beautiful town is Udai Bilas Palace, the residence of the Royal Family named after Maharawal Udai Singh II, a great patron of art and architecture. Maharawal Udai Singh built a wing of bluish grey local stone ‘Pareva’ overlooking the lake and the ‘Ek Thambia Mahal’ (literally one pillared palace) featuring intricate sculptured pillars and panels, ornate balconies, balustrades bracketed windows, arches and frieze of marble carvings- a veritable marvel of Rajput architecture. Still the royal residence - the Udai Bilas Palace offers accommodation with all major facilities.

  2. Juna Mahal: Almost as old as the town itself, the construction of this palace was started in the turbulent 13th century using the superb natural defence of a rocky peak some 1500 ft above sea level. This seven storeyed structure resembles a fortress with crenellated walls, turrets and narrow entrances and passageways to slow down the enemy. Inside, one can see the most colourful and vibrant rooms embellished with frescoes, miniature paintings and fascinating glass and mirror inlay work. Still owned by the royal family it can be visited by invitation only.

  3. Gaib Sagar Lake: Dotted with a conglomeration of several small and medium sized temples along its embankments it bares testimony to the greatness and glory of the art and architecture of this region. The Shrinathji temple and the Vijay Raj Rajeshwar temple dedicated to lord Shiva are worth a visit

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