The city of Dwarka, renowned in myth and legend, was once the capital of Lord Krishna’s empire. It is one of the seven sacred cities or ‘Sapta Puris’ as well as one of the four ‘dhams’ - supreme pilgrim centres for the Hindus.

Dwarka city, as shown by archeological excavations, stands on a site with five earlier archaeological layers of human occupation. Dwarka was visited by by Adi Shankaracharya, who established the ‘Dwarka peeth’ for spreading the message of the Hindu gospel; Ramanuja; the great mystic Narsingh Mehta; Mirabai and the great saints Kabir and Guru Nanak.

What to see

  1. Bhadkeshwar Temple;

  2. Dwarkadish Temple: (Timing: 0600 hrs-1230 hrs and 1700 hrs-2100 hrs;

  3. Indological Research Institute;

  4. Light House;

  5. Rukrmani Temple;

  6. Shri Shankaracharya Math;

  7. Ved Bhawan: A school of vedic instruction.

Getting There

Air: Jamnagar (148 Km), is the nearest airport linked with Mumbai by Indian Airline’s and Gujarat Airways.

Rail: Dwarka is a railhead on the Western railway, directly connected with Ahmedabad, Jamnagar, Mumbai, Porbander and Rajkot.

Road: Good motorable roads connect Dwarka with Ahmedebad 450 Km, Bbavnagar 399 Km, Jamnagar 148 Km, Junagadh 332 Km, Mumbai 929 Km, Okha 32 Km, Porbander 120 Km, Rajkot 234 Km, Somnath 249 Km, and Veraval 243 Km.

General information

Area: 42.1 Sq.Km
Attitude: 7.3 Mts Temperature: Summer - Max: 35 Deg.C Min: 21.1 Deg.C Winter- Max: 27 Deg.C. Min: 13.0 Deg.C Rainfall: 35.3 cms. (July to September) Season: November to March.
STD Code: 02892


  1. Vasai (11 Km): Vasai has a Sun temple and other ancient ruins.

  2. Nageshwar (13 Km): Famous for the Nageshwar Mahadeo Temple.

  3. Gopi Talaav Teerth (23 Km): 5 Km by sea from Okha (ferry services are available), it is said to be place where Lord Krishna is said to have lived while he ruled Dwarka.

  4. Okha (32 Km): An airport port on the west coast.

  5. Harshad Mata Temple (58 Km): Temple dedicated to the Goddess Harshad.

  6. Pindhara (72 km): There is an ancient Purvasa ashram and a Sun temple.