The princely city of Jamnagar is dominated by its many palaces. Known for its tie-and-dye (bandhini) fabrics and its temples, Jamnagar also has a bird-rich lake where more than 75 species of birds have been listed.

Jamnagar is also the headquarters of the Gulf of Kutch Marine National Park and Wildlife Reserve, which protects 42 islands fringed by coral reefs and mangroves. These islands and coastal areas are excellent for birding attracting large wintering flocks of various birds.

The Jams of Jamnagar were Jadeja Rajputs Who had their capital city built in 1540. The progressive rulers of this princely state, earlier known as Nawanager, made Jamnagar one of the foremost states in the Saurashlra region. Jamnagar is today known for it’s work on fabrics, silken and gold embroidery. It has the distinction of having an Aytrvedic University to impart training in the traditional Indian system of medicine. The ports of Rozy and Bedi and a few pearl fisheries are other tourist attractions of Jamnagar. The famous cricketer Jamsaheb Ranjit Sinhji of Jamnagar ruled this princely state from 1907 to 1933.

What to see

  1. Ayurvedic University;

  2. Digjam Aquarium;

  3. Kambhalia Gate;

  4. Kotha Bastion;

  5. Lakhote Museum: (Timings: 0900 hrs-1200 hrs and 1500 hrs-1800 hrs, Closed on Wednesday, 2nd & 4th Saturday and public holidays);

  6. Manekbhai Muktidam;

  7. City Lake / Lakhota Fort;

  8. Rozi and Bedi Ports and Solarium: (Timings: 1500 hrs-1750 hrs, (Closed on holidays).

Getting There

Air: Indian Airlines and private airlines connect Jamnagar with Mumbai.

Rail: Jamnagar is a station on the Western Railway line directly connected with Ahmedabad and Mumbai. Hapa Junction 9 Km, from Jamnagar is another convenient railhead on the broad guage line, linking it with major cities in the country.

Road: Jmanagar is connected by motorable roads with Ahmedabed 304 Km,,Dwarka 148 km, Mumbai 782 Km, Palitana 246 Km, Rajkot 89 Km, and Somnath 257 Km.

General information

Area; 15.5 Sq.Km. Altitude: 7.7 Mts Temperature: Summer - Max: 36.4 Deg.C Min: 25.7 Deg.C Winter - Max: 27.3 Deg.C Min: 11.3 Deg.C Rainfall: 47 cms (June to September) STD Code 0288.


  1. Ranjit Sagar (10 Km): The water reservoir for the town, 9 is also an Ideal picnic spot.

  2. Sasol Dam (26 Km): A beautiful picnic spot.

  3. Marine National Park (30 Km): Situated along the coast in the gulf of Katchch, this National Park, first of it’s kind in India is spread over 160 Sq. Km.

  4. Kileshwar Mahadeo (90 Km): In the Barda Hills, situated in serene surroundings this temple according to legend, was built by Pandavas during their exile.

  5. Dwarka (148 Km): Dwarka is one of the holiest centres of pilgrimage for the Hindus.