Just southeast of Kanha, Kawardha is a small town situated in the heart of Chhattisgarh, where the Maharaja has opened part of his palace to guests.

You can explore the Radha Krishna family temple with underground rooms and the holy water tank and inspect the erotic carvings of the nearby 12th century Bhoramdeo temple complex, Chhattisgarh’s own miniature Khajuraho, other nearby 11th century temples with beautiful carvings and simple stepwells.

Yogeshwar Raj Singh, the son of the Maharaja, has a close relationship with the Baiga and Gond tribes who continue to follow a primitive life-style in the forests surrounding the town.

His knowledge of the region provides guests with the opportunity to observe and participate in aspects of the reality of rural Indian life that most visitors to India rarely hear about, let alone experience.

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