Kaziranga was declared a game reserve in 1926 to save the Indian one-horned rhino from extinction. The beautiful 430 sq km sanctuary, features various habitats. Swampland gives way to jungle, which rises up to deciduous forests and finally to evergreen slopes.

You can take jeep and elephant safaris into the park to spot the famous one-horned rhinos and a wide array of other animals, from wild buffaloes to delicate swamp deer and elusive tigers and a wide variety of birds.

What to see

Mammals: Indian one-homed rhinoceros, Tiger, Wild buffalo, Elephant, Barasingha, Hog deer, Wild boar, Leopard, Leopard cat.

Birds: Crested serpent eagle, Pailas, Fishing eagle, Grey-headed fishing eagle, Swamp partridge, Red jungle fowl, Bengal florican, Barheadeded goose, Whistling teal, Pelicans, Egret, Heron, Blacknecked stork, Open-billed stork.

Getting There

Air: Jorhat, 95 km away is the nearest airport.

Rail: Jorhat is a convenient railhead while Furketing at 72 Km is a closer railway station with a metre gauge line to Guwahati.

Road: Motorable roads connect Kaziranga to Jorhat, Guwahati, Dibrugarh

General information

Area: 430 Sq.Km Temperature: Summer - Max: 35 Deg.C Min: 18 Deg.C Winter - Max: 24 Deg.C Min: 7 Deg.C Rainfall: 230 cm Altitude: 65 mts Season: mid- November to mid-April. STD Code: 0377681