Discover tranquility in Kurseong. Often you can look down on the cloud below. It seems like the sea, stretching for miles, filling the valleys and the peaks. Ranges rise out of it like islands and peninsulas.

Kurseong is home to world famous tea gardens which produce the most delicate aromas of all black teas known to mankind. There is a daily toy train service (since 1890) that runs from Kurseong at 1,458 m. to Darjeeling at a height of 2,134m.

What to see

  1. Ambotia;
  2. Deer Park;
  3. Dowhill;
  4. Eagle’s Crag;
  5. Giddapahar Mandir;
  6. Kettle Valley Picnic Spot,
  7. Netaji Kothi;
  8. St.Mary’s Hill.

Getting There

Air: The nearest airport is Bagdogra which is connected with New Delhi and Calcutta by Indian Airlines and private airlines.

Rail: It is a railway station on the toy train route. The nearest convenient railhead connecting to other important cities in India is New Jalpaiguri .

Road: Kurseong is connected by road with Darjeeling, Guwahati 560 km, Calcutta 636 km, Delhi, 1359 km and Kathmandu 621 km and 51 km. from Siliguri.

General information

Rail: The nearest corailhead is