Full of colourful bazaars, street tailors, throngs of pilgrims and joyful religious processions, Madurai is a bustling city which attracts thousands of visitors from outside each day.

Madurai’s main attraction is the famous temple dedicated to the Goddess Meenakshi. Each evening, there is a closing ceremony is accompanied by chanting priests, drummers and torchbearers in which an image of Shiva is carried in procession to Parvati’s bedroom.

What to see

Meenakshi Temple: A superb example of Dravidian architecture and sculpture, it is the focul point around which the city has developed. The temple has two sanctora, one dedicated to Shiva as Sundareswara and the other to his consort Meeenakshi. (Timings: 0500 to 1230 hrs & 1600 hrs to 2130 hrs). There is a museum located within the ‘Hall of 1000 Pillars’ inside the Meenalkshi Temple. It has a collection of icons, photographs and illustrations. (Timings: 0600 hrs to 2000 hrs)

Koodal Alagar Temple: An ancient Vaishnavite temple with beautiful sculptures.

VandiyurMariamman Tank: A huge temple tank with a mandapam inthe centre. During the ‘Floating Festival’ , the temple daities are taken out in the tank in floats.

Kochadai: The temple here , houses the typical village deity called Ayanar.

Tirumalai Nayak Palace: The palace building constructed in the Indo-seracenic style is considered to be an architectural feat.There is a museum within the palace building. A sound and light show is organized by the department of Tourism , Govt. of Tamil Nadu. (Timings: 1830 hrs to 1915 hrs- English; 2015 hrs to 2145 hrs - Tamil. There is a museum within the palace which has gallaries on the famous Nayak King - Tirumalai Nayak, with art and architecture of Tamil Nadu. (Timings: 0900 hrs to 1300 hrs & 1400 to 1700 hrs).

Gandhi Museum: It contains paintings, sculptures and a section on Khadi & village industries.(Timings; 1000 hrs to 1300 hrs and 1400 hrs to 1700 hrs.

Tirupparamkundram: A rock-cut temple of Lord Subramanya or Karthikeya on top of a hill, it is one of the six abodes associated with God.

Getting There

Air: Madurai is connected by air with other cities in India.

Rail: Madurai is well connected by rail with major centers in India.

Road: Madurai is connected by motorable roads with Bangalore 446 Km, Chennai 472 Km, Kanyakumari 232 Km, Kodaikanal 120 Km, Mumbai 1454 Km, Munnar 137 Km, Palani 122 Km, Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary 137 Km, Reameswaram 139 Km, Thanjavur 223 Km, Tirunelveli 151 Km, Trichur 142 Km.

General information

Area: 22Sq.Km Temperature: Summer - Max: 37 Deg. C Min: 25 Deg. C Winter - Max: 29 Deg. C Min: 20 Deg. C
Rainfall: 85 cm Altitude: 100 meters STD Code: 0452


  1. Alagar Koll (21 km): A vishnu temple dedictaed to Lord Alagar.
  2. Pazhamudhircholal (25 Km): One of the six abodes of lord Subramanya.
  3. Gandhigram (51 Km): Established in 1947 as one of the centres for promulgating the ideas of Gandhiji. there is a Uiniversity here which imparts knowledge on Gandhian thoughts and rural development.
  4. Vaigal Dam (69 Km): A beautiful picnic spot on the way to Thekkady.
  5. Suruli Waterfalls (123 km): A good picnis spot for tourists.
  6. megamalai (130 Km): Situated at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level, it has carddomom and tea estates on the hills. Wild animals like Sambhar, Cheeta, tiger, gaur and spotted deer can be seen amidst the thich vegetation here.
  7. Courtallam (152 Km): A charming health resort on the Palani range of the western Ghats. Places of interest include it’s seven water falls, the Kutralanadhar temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, the Chittarai Sabha with the fescoes adorning it’s walls and the Kumarar temple situated amidst lush fields.