Matheran, a charming hill station, close to Mumbai, can be reached by an adventurous two-hour ascent in a toy train. Cars are not allowed in the town so everyone walks or rides a cycle or horse. There are beautiful walks amongst Matheran’s forest trails and the views from the cliffs are stunning. On a clear night you can even see the lights of Mumbai from Hart Point.

Matheran was a popular retreat for the British during the time of the Raj and the colonial bungalows testify of this period. The main bazaar offers a variety of items such as cane and leather articles, hats, chappals and the sinfully sweet speciality Chikki. October to May is the best time to visit.

What to see

  1. Alexander Point (2 Km),
  2. Artisf’s Point (1 Km.),
  3. Charlotte Lake, Chowk Paint,
  4. Coronation Point (3 Km)
  5. Echo Point (4 Km),
  6. Garbut Point (5 Km.),
  7. Hart Point (2 Km),
  8. Honeymoon Point (3 Km.),
  9. Louisa Point (3 Km.),
  10. Mallet Spring (1 Km.),
  11. Monkey Point (3 Km.),
  12. Mount Barry Point,
  13. Navroji Lord Garden,
  14. Olympia Race Course,
  15. One Tree Hill,
  16. Panorama Point,
  17. Paymaster Park,
  18. Peb Fort,
  19. Porcupine Point,
  20. Prabalgad Fort (19 Km.) and
  21. Rambagh Point.

Getting There

Air: The nearest airport is Mumbai 131 Km, which is connected with all important cities/towns.

Rail: Matheran is connected by mountain train with Neral 21 Km, which is on the Mumbai-Pune line of the Central Railway. However this train service is suspended during the monsoons.

Road: Motorable roads connect Matheran with Neral 11 Km, Mumbai 131 Km & Pune 144 Km.

General information

Area: 7.35 Sq. Km.
Altitude : 803 Mts. Temperature: Summer - Max: 32.2 Deg. C Min: 21.1 Deg.C Winter - Max: 29.4 Deg.C Min: 29.4 Deg.C Rainfall: 524.2 Cm
Best Season: October to May. STD Code: 02148.