One of the oldest cities of Gujarat, Surat has been a flourishing centre of international trade since the 14th century. Surat was the chief port of the Mughal empire; from here pilgrims would sail to Mecca. The British set up their first factory in India at Surat in 1612 and during the 17th and 18th century it became one of India’s most prosperous cities. Today Surat boasts of a diamond cutting and polishing industry and textile mills.

What to see

  1. The castle;
  2. Rang Upaven and Sardar Patel Museum - Timings: 1145 hrs to 1345 hrs (Tuesday to Saturday) 1445 hrs - 1745 hrs (Sunday).

Getting There

Air: The nearest airport is Vadodara 140 Km, connected by Indian Airlines and private airlines with Mumbai.

Rail: Surat is connected with other cities and towns in Western and Northern India.

Road: Surat is connected by road with Ahmedabad 267 Km, Bharuch 88 Km, Gandhinager 300 Km, Jamnagar 531 Km, Junagadh 550 Km, Mehsana 356 Km, Mumbai 262 Km, Vadodara 140 Km, Valsad, 94 Km

General information

Area: 35.56 Sq.Km. Temperature: Summer - Max: 40 Deg.C Min: 23 Deg.C Winter - Max: 33 Deg.C Min: 11 Deg. C Rainfall: 11.2 Cms Season: Throughout the year STD Code: 0261


  1. Dumas (16 Km): A health resort;

  2. Harjira (29 Km): A beach and health resort;

  3. Bardoll (34 Km): Gandhij’s farmer’s satyagraha was launched here;

  4. Ubharat (42 Km): A fine sandy beach;

  5. Vedchhi (62 Km): An ashram run on Gandhian lines;

  6. Unai (84 Km): A lakeside resort with hot springs;

  7. The Vansada National Park (90 Km): Wild animals such as Leopards, Tigers, Panthers and Wild boars can be seen here;

  8. Ukal (94 Km): A major multipurpose irrigation project of Gujarat;

  9. Tithal (108 Km): A beautiful sandy beach.

  10. Udvada (112 Km): A pilgrim place for Parsis.

  11. Sanjan (145 Km): Where the Parsis first landed and settled after fleeing from Iran.