Thrissur lies at the base of a hillock, crowned by the famous Vadekkumnatha (Shiva) temple. The famous Pooram festival is celebrated at the Vadakkumnatha temple every year during April / May. Not far from Thrissur is Guruvayoor, one of the most sacred and important pilgrimage centres of Kerala. There is also an elephant sanctuary here. North of Thrissur is Cherathuruthy, renowned for its Kathakali training centre.

What to see

  1. Vadakkumnathan Temple: One of the oldest temples in the State, the Vadakkumnathan temple is a classical example of the Kerala style of architecture and has many decorative murals and pieces of art. This is the venue of the world famous Pooram festival celebrated annually in April-May. The fireworks at the Pooram are a spectacular sight. Non Hindus are not allowed entry into the temple.

  2. Archaeological Museum (Town Hall Road): Open from 1000 - 1700 hrs on all days except Mondays and national holidays.

  3. Town Hall: Houses the Picture Gallery where mural paintings from all parts of Kerala are on display.

  4. Vilangankunnu (7 km from Thrissur): This is a beautiful hill which is a good picnic spot.

  5. Arattupuzha: This village is known for the annual Pooram festival at the temple in April/May. The uniqueness of this festival is the ceremonial processions carrying the images of the deities of 41 neighbouring temples to this village.

  6. Peechi dam (20 km east of Thrissur): This picnic spot offers boating facilities. There are frequent private buses from Thrissur to Peechi dam.

Getting There

Air: The nearest airpot, Nedumbassery 108 km is connected with major cities.

Rail: Thrissure is connected by rail with major cities and towmns

Road: Thrissur is connected by motorable roads with Alapptgha 144 km, Changennassery 156 km Chennai 720 Km, Coimbatore 114 Km, Guruvayur 29 Km, Kanniyakumari 390 Km, Kochi 138 Km, Kollam 229 Km, Kottayam 138 Km, Kozhikode 143 Km, Munnar 146 Km, Ooty 202 Km, Palani 229 Km, Palakkad 80 Km, Periyar (Thekkady) 213 Km and Thiruvananthapuram 303 Km.

General information

Area: 25 Sq.Km
Altitude : Sed level. Temperature: Summer - Max: 35.0 Deg.C Min: 22.5 Deg.C. Winter - Max: 32.3 Deq.C. Min. 20,0;Deg.C. Rainfall: 254 Cm. Season: October to March. STD code: 0487.


  1. Peechal Dam (20 Km): A modern irrigation project site and an ideal picnic spot.

  2. Irinjalakuda Koodal Manikyam temple (21 km from Thrissur): Situated 10 km away from Irinjalakuda railway station, this ancient temple is dedicated to Lord Bharatha, the brother of Sri Rama. It is perhaps the only temple in India with Bharatha as the deity. The colourful eleven day annual festival with a pageant of thirteen caparisoned elephants is held in April/May. The festival in this temple marks the end of the Hindu temple festival season in Kerala.

  3. Poota-Christian Divine Retreat Centre (26 Km): Situated near Chalakudi on the Kochi - Trichur route is the Devine retreat centre - a centre of healing through prayers.

  4. Guruvayoor (29 km west of Thrissur): Guruvayoor is one of the most sacred and important pilgrim centres of Kerala. Its main attraction is the Sree Krishna temple. This historic temple is shrouded in mystery. According to belief, the temple is the creation of Guru, the preceptor of the Gods , and Vayu, the God of winds. The eastern nada is the main entrance to the shrine. In the Chuttambalam (outer enclosure) is the tall 33.5 m high gold plated Dwajasthambam (flag-post). There is also a 7 m high Dipastambham (pillar of lamps), whose thirteen circular receptacles provide a truly gorgeous spectacle when lit. The square Sreekovil is the sacred sanctum sanctorum of the temple, housing the main deity. Within the temple there are also the images of Ganapathy, Lord Ayyappa and Edathedattu Kavil Bhagavathy. Only Hindus are allowed inside the temple.

  5. Tripayar (25 Km): Famous for a temple dedicated to lord Ram. The architecture of the temple is similar to that of the Vadakkumnatha Temple in Thrissur.

  6. Cheruthuruthy (29 Km): Famous for the Kerala Kalamandalam which is responsible for the renaissance of the Kethakali dance. This institution was founded by the famous poet of Kerala, the late Vallathol. It also imparts training in music, drama and dance, particularly in Kathakali, Mohinihattam and Ottam Thullal. Visiting hours for watching the training sessions are 0430 to 0630 hrs , 0830 to 1200 hrs. & 1530 to 1730 hrs. The institute is closed on Saturdays, Sundays, 31st March, 15th June and all public holidays. For arranging special performances, training, filming, etc. the Secretary, Kerala KalamendelamVallathol,Nager, Cheruthuruthym be contacted.

  7. Tiruvilamala Temple (29 Km): An important temple consisting of two shrines, side by side, one dedicated to Lord Rama and the other to his brother Laxmana.

  8. Cranganore or Kodungallor (36 Km): St. Thomas, the Apostle is believed to have landed here in 52 AD. The oldest mosque in India, an ancient Portuguese fort and the renowned Bbagavati temple are situated here. A journey by boat from Kochi to Kodungalloor takes about 5 hours and can be an exhilarating experience.

  9. Palghat (83 Km): A big agricultural town and gateway to the Malampuzha Dam.