Right in the centre of Trichy, visible for miles around, is the Rock Fort temple, reached by climbing up a tunnel of 437 steps to the top where there is the reward of a splendid view, especially of the Srirangam Temple.

This superb 13th century temple complex with colourful bazaars has 21 carved gopurams or temple archways and is set on a 250-hectare island in the Cauvery, connected to the mainland by a bridge.

What to see

Rock Fort : A prominent landmark, the Rock Fort is in the centre of the city. It’s 344 rock-cut steps take one to the Uccipillayar Temple dedicated to Lord Vinayaka. Half way up is the temple of Lord Shiva dedicated to Thayumanaswamy.

Sri Jambukeswara Temple, Thiruvanalkaval (9 Km): Jambu is the name of the holy tree under which Easwar (Shiva) is represented in the form of a linga submerged in water. The temple is also known as Thiruvannaikkaval, after the legendary elephant that once worshipped this lingam.

Srirangam (I0 Km) : A picturesque island between the Cauvery river and its tributary Kolidam. The Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple here is one of the largest Vaishnavite temples In south India, with 21 magnificent towers and stone pillars covered with a profusion of carvings.

The Museum . The museum consists of Sculpture, art, archaeology, painting, handicrafts, naumismatics, geology and natural science galleries. (Timings: 0900 to 1230 hrs. and 1400 to 1700 hrs. Friday Closed)

Getting There

Air: Tiruchirapaili is connected by Indian Airlines and Private airlines with some of the cities in South India.

Rail: Tiruchirapalli is an important rail ]unction connected with major cities and towns in south India.

Road: Tiruchy is connected by road with Bangetore 345 Km., Chennei 320 Km., Chidambaram 162 Km., Coimbatore 203 Km, Courtaillam 290 Km, Kanyakumari 384 Km, Kumbakonam 95 Km, Madurai 142 Km, Ooty 302 Km, Palani 135 Km, Rameswaram 228 Km, Thanjavur 56 Km, Tirupati 473 Km and Yercaud 162 Km.

General information

Area: 23 Sq.km Temperature: Sumnner - Max: 37 Deg.C Min: 26 Deg.C Winter - Max: 29 Deq.C Min: 20 Deg.C Rainfall: 83.5 cm Altitude: 76 meters Season: October to March STD Code 0455


  1. Grand Anicut or Kailani (24 Km): This barrage built across the Cavery river in the 2nd century AD by the Chola King Kerikala, is an engineering marvel.

  2. Viralimalai (30 Km.): There is a temple of Lord Subramanya atop a hillock which is said to date back to the 15th century AD.

  3. Marthamalai (37 Km.): There are two cave temples here - one, of Shiva and the other of Vishnu. The pre-historic burial grounds and the Kadambarmalai and Mariamman temples are also worth visiting.

  4. Kodumbalur (42 Km.): Also known as Moovarkoil, it was formerly the seat of the lrrukkuverils, who were Chola cheiftains. Of the 3 shrines built here in the l0th cent. AD, only one exists today. The architecture in this temple is unique, with beautiful sculptures.

  5. Sittannavasal (70 Km.): This place contains a small rock-cut Jain temple known as Arivarkoil. Excavated during the early Pandyan peviod,(8th-9th cent), there are fascinating frescoes here similar to those of Ajanta. Sittannevasai is also the site of rich megalithic finds belonging to the Iron Age where cist, stone circles and burial urns were found.

  6. Kudumiyanmalai (73 Km.). There is a temple here dedicated to lord Shiva as Kuduminatha or Shikhogirinatha.

  7. Tirumayam (79 Km.): The Forl, a Shiva and Vishnu temple are the main tourist attractions here.

  8. Avudayar Koll (102 Km.): Noted for a Shiva temple dedicated to Lord Atmanathar.